Rodrigues is home to several species of endemic tropical flora and fauna. Whoever lands in Rodrigues, leaves the stressed and busy world behind. Rush is frowned upon by the islanders. It is the ideal and unspoilt environment for the nature lover seeking peace and tranquillity. The capital Port Mathurin's worth with their colorful bustle a trip.

The attractions which include visits to caves where the incredible works of nature, stalactites and stalagmites take the shapes of  the dragon, the lion and even the dragon. Those who enjoy nature’s beauty will be mesmerized on seeing the scenic beauty of this peaceful island.

Rodrigues is an island of volcanic origin, some 550 kilometres to the north-east of the island of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean and surrounded by a coral reef. With an area of 110 square kilometres, it is known as the tenth district of the Republic of Mauritius; due to the size and location of the island Rodrigues, there is even a “Minister for Rodrigues” part of the Mauritius government structure. It has a sheltered lagoon of about 200 square kilometres and is surrounded by over a dozen islets. Port Mathurin, the capital of Rodrigues is situated in the North of the island and the airport is at Plaine Corail. The flight time from Mauritius to Rodrigues is approximately 90 minutes and Air Mauritius operates several flights per day with turboprop airplanes. The only international service to Rodrigues is operated from La Reunion (Reunion). Vessel service between Mauritius and Rodrigues takes 40 hours and is operated very seldom and of course mainly because of freight; for the individual traveller flight is the only appropriate way to get to Rodrigues.

Rodrigues is only 18km long and 6.5 km wide, it’s population of approximately 34,000 inhabitants originating from several countries of Africa, Europe and Asia. The majority speak Creole although English and French are utilised in administration and on social occasions respectively; capital is Port Marthuin.

Climatic conditions typical of Rodrigues have considerably reduced the island's dependency on agriculture. Fishing and animal rearing are the main economic activities. With the recent surge in tourism activity, the Rodriguans have become increasingly aware of the economic importance of their local crafts. A wide variety of handicraft goods are now available to tourists for taking back home as souvenirs.

The distance to the main island, limited transport facilities give Rodrigues a really special touch; time seems to stand still, beaches are not overcrowded and the visitor feels immediately the natural and (not to forget) spiritual feeling of this island far out in the Indian Ocean. provide a steady number of licenced guesthouses all over the island – straight forward following the idea to have a basic and authentic stay on the remote island of Rodrigues. Guesthouses along with a small rent-a-car are the best option to discover the island and to get in touch with the friendly people of Rodrigues.

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