Enjoy the tranquillity of the Indian Ocean and the breath-taking view of the deep blue sea. In the blue lagoon south of the island you will find a secret paradise beach vacation. Mauritius a melting pot where past and present are smoothly blended together, offers an essential beauty and makes Mauritius one of the most popular destinations of the Indian Ocean.

The Vanille Crocodile Park on the south coast is a beautifully landscaped park where you almost feel like in the jungle. It invites with small waterfalls, crocodiles, giant tortoises, monkeys and some native exotics. A realisation that will compel you to return to Mauritius.

Mauritius (Maurice, République de Maurice) is a “must-have-visited” destination located in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Travellers from all over the world have in their minds to visit Mauritius once in a lifetime. However, since 2015 under a new elected government, the policy of a very restricted access for foreign airlines to Mauritius has been almost dropped.  As a consequence, the number of airlines operating into Mauritius has increase; besides some Asian, mainly Chinese airlines, from Europe now Austrian Airlines, Edelweiss, Lufthansa, Eurowings, Turkish Airlines (as per 01/2016) operate wide-body flights into the destination of Mauritius – not to forget the already operating airlines like Air Mauritius, Emirates, Air France, British Airways, Thomas Cook and Condor. As a consequence, the prices seem to have a tendency to get cheaper as they used to be in the past; Mauritius as a destination slowly opens itself to a broader clientele. gives the broadest number of affordable accommodation on Mauritius with currently more than 60 guesthouses all over the island.

The airport of Mauritius, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, is located in the South-East of the island, close to the city of Mahébourg, whereas the capital Port Louis is in the West of the island. Both cities are connected with a motorway.
More detailed information about the island of Mauritius please refer to districts.

Mauritius is an island with surface area of 720 square miles, situated just above the Tropic of Capricorn, in the south of Indian Ocean, with 57° 35 East longitude and 19° 68 and 20° 15 South latitude. Being of a volcanic origin, Mauritius has a central plateau which is about 400 meters above sea level.
Mountains scattered throughout the island, tropical forests and plants are other feathers that add to the natural beauty of the island. With more than 90 miles of white sandy beaches and the transparent lagoon are protected from the open sea by the world's third largest coral reef which almost surrounds the island.

Mauritius has only two seasons: Summer is from November to April and winter is from May to October.
There are no much differences in the weather conditions during the year and there are no well-defined rainy/wet and dry seasons. Also, there are little differences in the temperature between the two seasons. The month of October and May are commonly known as the transition months. The humidity is quite high in the air during the summer time mainly on the coastal part of the island.
The hottest months of the year are usually December, January and February when also cyclones can occur. The temperatures of the sea are higher during summer and in winter the temperature of the water will drop a little.

The Mauritius weather is very pleasant and allows the visitors to have perfect holidays all the year round. You can decide to come to Mauritius at any time of the year and you will be sure to have a comfortable weather during your stay.

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