La Réunion

La Réunion

The Reunion Island - which is one of the last paradises on earth. A hidden spot in the Indian Ocean, which was designed with colors, impressive scenery, variety and generosity of Mother Nature.

Réunion has a fascinating Creole, African, Indian, Chinese and French heritage, with a wealth of architectural treasures and vibrant festivals that are a great occasion to immerse yourself in local culture. The unique Creole charm, the ubiquitous exoticism and the many activities that are here to experience in the French overseas department, bringing a combination of reliable travel safety and exotic adventure on the scenically magical island.

Réunion (French: La Réunion, in old time name Ile Bourbon) is located in the Indian Ocean, some 180 kilometres west of Mauritius (Maurice). Nowadays Réunion is administrative-wise an oversea department of France and it belongs to the European Union. Official language is French and the currency is the Euro (€).  La Réunion has the same rights as it was situated on the French mainland.

Climate is tropical, one cooled by southeasterly trade winds. Those winds help supply copious rainfall, and also drive an occasional cyclone into the area. The rainy season runs November through March but of course the temperatures change with elevation. There are still active volcanos on Réunion, the highest is the Piton des Neiges with 3,070 meters above sea level. The Piton de la Fournaise, a shield volcano on the eastern end of Réunion Island, rises more than 2,631 metres (8,632 ft) above sea level and is sometimes called a sister to Hawaiian volcanoes because of the similarity of climate and volcanic nature.

There are two aiports in Reunion, the most important airport for international flights is in the north located in Saint-Denis. Roland Garros Airport is located in Sainte-Marie on Réunion. The airport is 7 kilometres east of Saint-Denis; it is named for the French aviator Roland Garros who was born in Saint-Denis. Pierrefonds Airport is located 5.5 kilometres west-northwest of Saint-Pierre in Réunion. It is the smaller of the two airports located on the Island.

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