Centre of Mauritius

Centre of Mauritius

It is difficult to describe the topography of the centre as it covers a large part of the island. However, all the sub regions of the centre may have one thing in common; it is always sloping up or down and in altitude. The vegetation is much richer than the coasts and often free of sugar canes. The different lakes and reservoirs give a more continental atmosphere.

The climate in the centre of the island is totally different to the coastal regions as the centre part is higher in altitude. It is therefore generally cooler, especially after sunset and simply cold in winter in the highest parts (around Curepipe). Temperature may vary between 12-degree Celsius and 22-degree Celsius in winter or between 18-degree Celsius and 30-degree Celsius in summer but this is just a numerical indication as due to the high humidity (up to 90%) the extremes in temperature are amplified.

Trou aux Cerfs

Trou aux Cerfs is a 605 m high extinct volcano located in Curepipe, Mauritius. The crater has been alternately described as 300 meters in diameter, and is 85 meters deep.Trou aux Cerfs is considered the main attractions of Curepipe. In the center of the crater there is a small lake. From the view point on the crater you will have a spectacular view of major part of Mauritius Island. The volcano is considered as a dormant volcano, which has been formed millions of years ago and was active until 600,000 to 700,000 years ago.

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